Stop Flogging Products

Flogging your product or service, however sexy it may be is not creating attraction it is just simply looking for a transaction. Let’s look at how a thought out lead generation relationship building approach would give much better results. Think back to … Read More

5 Ways to Add Value

Needing to dig deep into getting to grips with giving value rather than selling…. here are 5 things to consider how you can put the extra value in to help lead generation and put some great muscle in your sales … Read More

Consistent Content Creates Customers!

Is this the week when you are going to work through your resistance to digital media and seize all the opportunities that the platforms offer to get you in the game and get as close to your customer as possible? Look … Read More

Going All In

Who are your business heroes and what traits do you particularly admire. My personal favourites are the creative types who just do it because they can, there is no procrastination, no fear, no care of others opinions, no fear of failure, they … Read More

Lead Generation v Conversion

With the average lead needing up to 8 touches before converting to a sale how well is your business performing on your prospecting and conversion metrics? Do you know what your average conversion time is – 6 months, 18 months, … Read More

The Magic 8 Touches

What do you do with that database of contacts that are getting cooler by the day. First of all, just to get the housekeeping out of the way, are you GDPR compliant, I know this is all very 2018 but … Read More

How to find (and keep) your influencers

The power of a recommendation from a perceived influencer can make a huge difference in sales and interest for any size business from local to multinational.  Social media has spawned an amazing amount of influencers and thought leaders so how … Read More

Lead Generation with GoogleAds

The power of Google Ads (Adwords) and Google Analytics for lead generation is so great everyone should understand it – though leave the execution for the experts.  It is well worth mastering for the data it gives you to systemise your … Read More