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"Are you frustrated that your business does not generate consistent, warm leads?"

Laura Greenwood

Your temporary, plug-in head of marketing

If you are still trying to live on referrals and attend endless networking in the hope that someone has a lead for you – enough is enough. 

Are you just doing more of the same in the hope that something will happen.   There is a choice,  if nothing changes nothing changes.   You could bring in some new energy, expertise and get your world set up to generate your own leads.

How would it feel:

  • To get more  sales from your own leads.
  • To stop competing on price and start talking about your value.
  • Never just be one of the crowd again.

You have everything you need to generate consistent leads otherwise you wouldn’t have the business you have  –  you just need to get your world in better order. 

Laura was clear about how to create and position my packages to the various markets I work with, without diluting my message. She is very personable, super focused and helps you to clarify your marketing message”

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What Results Do I Deliver

I will take your USPs to craft relevant insights so you can build the results you deliver into powerful solutions for your market.

From that I will manage the project to get your web, social and direct marketing set up to deliver your marketing strategy.

No ties or employment  just plug me in as your temporary head of marketing and I will get you set up to generate leads that convert to sales.

If I said your company could be talked of and recommended as the expert and authority in its field. To be a brand people expect to pay a premium for would you raise a hand to get on that path – would that feel better than where you are at  right now?

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Does your lead generation work feel  like –

  • a cold hard slog,
  • a process of convincing and persuading your prospects
  • price driven
  • very transactional – a “yes” or “no” ending.
  • no opportunity to  get to know like and trust you.  It is only by chance that they will get infront of you again.

If so, how would this feel:

  • Convert even more of your connections.
  • Take your audience into a database to nurture and stay in touch with, so they get to know you and know where to find you when they are ready to buy.
  • Enquiries turning to you when they are ready to buy.
  • Closing sales quickly without too much haggle and the icky hard sell.
  • You really know your niche so you know what they really want to buy rather than selling to them in a rush.
  • Becoming the authority and go-to expert in your market.
  • A funnel of leads and enquiries at different stages of the buying process.

There isn’t a single downside to getting closer to those who you want to serve – whoever gets closest to the customer wins.  It moves your approach from the old school of persuading and convincing (or chest beating as I like to call it) to understanding and helping people solve problems which you have clearly identified and understand.

Laura Greenwood

Your Lead Generation

Kind Words From My Clients

"Laura's help was outstanding. She has given me good ideas and supported me to create sellable products."
Edyta Boyle
Owner, EB Coaching
"Laura has such a passion for her work, she dives right into create a plan to reach your target markets. From the initial brief to execution Laura is extremely focused on defining your niches and delivering content in a variety of media"
Jill Woods
Director, Signum FM Ltd
"Laura is a pleasure to work with. She exudes enthusiasm for her work, is very astute and commercially minded and is quick to spot an opportunity."
Fiona Dwyer
Broadcaster, PR Expert

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