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“Laura is tenacious and committed to the job in hand and I can highly recommend her for marketing and lead generation work.”

Focusing on quality lead generation and anchoring the system in your business will have such a massive impact on your company.

When are you going to start generating quality leads, every week to build the business of your dreams?

Done For You

Outsourcing is a great way to bring expertise to your business immediately to start generating leads that convert to sales.

Our 12 week “done for you”  programme is perfect whatever the challenge and starts at £1500 per calendar month.   From building  a pipeline of prospects, creating a lead generation  system around your marketing events/seminars, cold outreach and telemarketing, setting up a CRM, email automations and workflows we will get your world working for you and put in place  a great lead generation system.

Your Lead Generation Funnel Hull East Yorkshire

Done With You

Sales is just not everybody’s thing.  From “not wanting to be pushy”  to “being better face to face” we have heard all the avoidance tactics. 

Without a funnel of prospects there are no sales.  Consistent work is required for consistent sales and we can help with the procrastination, perfectionism and paralysis syndromes your team may suffer from.

From training to 121 support we can deliver your sales training plan or project.

“Well Laura, as we say, you really know your onions.  Very impressive, concise, to the point, poignant and on the money.”

Laura Greenwood Marketing Expert Hull

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“Motivated, passionate and infectious all in one” 

“That was a great session, thanks for sharing your expertise.  Picked up heaps of tips!”

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