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Laura is a breath of fresh air, a great team player with a strong work ethic. She cuts straight through to the issues at hand and explains clearly about what we need to do to bring people into our world. If you are looking for an authentic, knowledgeable and trustworthy business development support Laura is your lady. Laura is a breath of fresh air, a great team player.
Laura has such a passion for her work, she dives right in to create a plan to reach your target markets. From the initial brief to execution Laura is extremely focussed on delivering the right marketing messages, defining your niche and delivering content in a variety of media that ensure you are on top of your marketing plan at all times. If you know you need to focus on your marketing activity but keep pushing it to the bottom of the pile I’d recommend you speak to Laura – her energy is infectious!
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Jill Woods
Director, Signum FM Ltd
Laura has been fantastic at opening my eyes to the social media world. I was always unsure whether it would be beneficial for me growing my business and Laura has proven it has. She was so helpful, understanding and listening to how I would like to market myself and my personality through words. Would highly recommend Laura to anyone, even for a chat on whether she could help in the future. Thanks Laura!!
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Jude Rhodes
Financial Consultant, Will Writer
“I would highly recommend Laura Greenwood as a professional and excellent marketeer in her field.”
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Andrew Strode-Gibbons
Wow! I asked Laura to do some ‘Done for You’ marketing on LinkedIn, to build our company profile, as part of her £99 offer. She was so thorough. Before she started, she asked a ton of questions about my business and what we do now, who our ideal client was, what problems we solve and why people buy from us. Following this she made a start. Within just three days we had a client contact us, who we’d never engaged with before, asking for our help! Laura then found a load of our ideal clients and created new connections for us, so our future marketing is seen by the right people. We then had a follow up Zoom call where Laura really drilled down on different areas of our business that are working well but could be even better. She gave me a million ideas, cut through all the fog about how best to market these products and now I’ve asked her to create the perfect launch sequence for us. I’m so pleased I asked her to work with us and I’m really excited about the rest of the year, knowing we have her support and a really clear plan. Don’t think twice about asking for her help. You’ll be so glad you did!
Vicki Peers
Founder, Inside Liverpool Property Investment
I love how Laura drilled right down to the specific niche possibilities I could focus on by reviewing my online presence and listening to who it is I want to serve. It made so much sense to really niche right down rather than being general when Laura showed me how much easier my marketing would be, how much more I could offer and my mind got blown with ideas! Thanks
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Kate Latham-Whitley
Freelance Personal Development Coach
Laura worked for me for a short consultation period and developed our social media presence and lead generation activity. Laura is tenacious and committed to the job in hand and I can highly recommend her for marketing and lead generation work.
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Darren Moulds
Marketing Manager, ImageData Group Ltd
Laura is super awesome. She is direct and works very fast on helping you message your package into a saleable script. I was struggling with getting qualified leads who will buy but Laura really changed that. She designed a message for me that has really touched base with my audience and had them coming to me instead of me to them. Really recommend Laura if you want hot leads and to make a sale without going through a long sales conversation or trying to convince people to buy your service. They come prepared
Charmaine Marimo
CEO, Successful Happy LIving
I just had a short coaching call with Laura. After half an hour, I came away clear about how to create and position my packages to the various markets I work with, without diluting my message. She is very personable, super focused and helps you to clarify your marketing message. Totally recommend you have a call with her to see how she can help your business have more customers buying from you!
Lesley Hossner
Director, English Expression
Laura is passionate about sharing her expertise and a delight to work with. Laura helped me consider my launch strategy. She was highly creative about the different methods I can employ to reach my target market. I am sure with my new found focus, Laura's ideas will make a really positive impact to the success of my launch.
Karen Mason
Laura is a pleasure to work with. She exudes enthusiasm for her work, is very astute and commercially minded and is quick to spot an opportunity while in conversation with others. As someone who personally hates making marketing calls, Laura is the perfect choice to do the job instead. She takes the time to learn about your business so that she can talk to others on your behalf and she really thinks on her feet. I have every confidence that she will represent me properly. I am now looking to use Laura for broader social media and marketing work to help keep my sales funnel consistent and I highly recommend her services to everyone hoping to make great strides in their lead generation.
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Fiona Dwyer
Broadcast Journalist, PR consultan
Laura is such a delight to work with. She takes time to understand your needs and can come up with fantastic ideas to make your marketing productive and undaunting. She will work with you to create a marketing strategy that will add value to your sales process, and the prospective customer's experience. She is a classic example of underpromise and overdeliver. Really impressed and can't wait to do more with you Laura.
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Ike Samuel-Osho
Laura’s help was outstanding. She has given me good ideas and supported me to create sellable products. Since I have engaged with her I started to believe in my service more and managed to get potential clients interested. Laura offered good value for money. Her commitment and knowledge helped me move forward. I am much more confident in selling my services now than I used to be!
Edyta Boyle
Career Coach
Laura recently provided a great interview in my website marketing Facebook group about how to Naill Your Niche for 2020. The feedback I've had on the DM has been amazing. Laura clearly struck a chord with many about the need to stand up and be seen in a niche. She clearly knows her stuff and if you are looking to nail your niche, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with more insight on the topic. Thanks again Laura!
Vicki Jakes
Online Marketing Consultant
Thank you Laura for your free marketing survey and subsequent follow up. In just a short space of time you have placed my business in a direction I never even thought of. Like many small business owners I am to bust working in my business rather than strategically on it...Laura has helped me set targets and a direction of travel for 2020 making it a potentially the most exciting year for me. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a fresh outlook to their business development and marketing.
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Tony Bolder
Managing Director

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