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The law of attraction in lead generation

The Law of Lead Generation Attraction

The Law of Lead Generation Attraction Attraction is sub-conscious even in business.  Think of the simple act of receiving a LinkedIn request to connect.  You are subconsiously answering the unasked question that is “does this person belong in my world?”

Get on with it, work with what you have, connect with people as a human being, that is how you start your lead generation journey.

Get on with it

Done is better than perfect – you honestly just need to get on with it. I work with a very niche consultant, we are now into month 15.  This is a very quick story of his experience on going to

Data sources for lead generation success

Data for Lead Generation

Data is the lifeblood of building a lead generation pipeline. This blog looks at owned data and then building, buying and scraping as sources of data. … Read More

From cold calling to hearing tell me more and getting the first appointment

Please tell me more

The magic 3 words “tell me more”  A database as a fairly static list of suspects, prospects and leads.  It may have some level of segmentation, if its an inhouse one it is probably quite dusty and unloved.    From

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