The Law of Lead Generation Attraction

The Law of Lead Generation Attraction

Attraction is sub-conscious even in business.  Think of the simple act of receiving a LinkedIn request to connect.  You are subconsiously answering the unasked question that is “does this person belong in my world?”

I know it was much easier back in the day for all relationship building when we met everyone in the bar, the time of day dictated the business under discussion!

If you are not getting a healthy rate of connection acceptance then its going nowhere.

You can:
🌟 just fade away
🌟start shouting louder about why they should keep buying what you sell (expensive, exhausting and a road to misery)
🌟step back, look to understand your target prospects and their behaviour and adjust your message and position accordingly to reflect them.

As people working on your business development we are looking to take all your marketing, positioning, understanding to

🌟build audience,
🌟flush out any current interest (this is our lucky day interest),
🌟build familiarity quickly
🌟take them on that journey that leads to longer term authority and them seeing you as their go to expert.

If you look like a bloody clown it is really really difficult unless your ideal market is the circus.

An exercise for working with the law of lead generation attraction

If you are disconnected from your market and are not generating leads then go and give your head a wobble and come with a “beginners mind” to this exercise.

“Why would my prospect want to say yes to all the steps in my process?”

As a starter lets look at just at 5 simple steps you need to have in place:

  1. When you send them a connection request on here will they recognise instantly by looking at your request that they should have you in their world (subconscious) – that pic from you mates wedding is perhaps something you want to rethink.
  2. Are you pursuing a certain target, have you  decided the titles and positions that you want to connect with and are you sending out connection requests and monitoring response to this (we work on 2% growth in relevant audience every 2 weeks as guide – less than that there is a disconnect)
  3. Are you posting about the things these people have going on in their heads? (this is nothing to do with you – I don’t get the selfie thingie at all, just because you can doesn’t mean you should right)
  4. Are you showing up consistently with valuable content that resonates with these people? (what do they need to know to do business with you, don’t get distracted by your prowess at the gym or as a parent unless that is your business or it is an additional extra and you have the fundamentals in place)
  5. Have you got other content, assets that they can go and look at you if they want to know more. (is you world in order and can they see themselves in it).
  6. How are you getting them off LinkedIn and into your pipeline? (Don’t build no rented land).

You haven’t even talked about what you sell – have you?  If you have go back and take that out and think about your prospects point of view.

Most people are very clear about who they want to sell to but they have don nother to build the bridge of connection in everything they do.  They go off on all sorts of tangents that do not feed their results.

If you are not sure how big that disconnect is some basic activity calling, connecting and email (you know all that human stuff) from us will soon tell us and we will certainly tell you!

There is no hiding.   To get your business where you really want it to be you need to be real and relevant and you need to think and brainstorm what that is for your target market, not what you want it to be.

Generating consistent inbound leads  over the long term  starts with outbound work.  At Your Lead Generation we work with hard working clients who are really, really good at what they do  and who are working their patch to keep a great healthy pipeline. 

Together we ensure that they are their prospects next best business decision when they are ready to buy.

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