A 6-step process to build your lead generation system to turn connections into leads and create strategies to convert leads into sales. "Laura is super awesome. She designed a message for me that has really touched base with my audience and had them coming to me instead of me to them."

Using the ANCHOR90 system in your business will create you more customers, revenue and profit.    The ANCHOR90 6- step process builds you a lead generation system which works consistently to increase those 3 vital numbers and it anchors it into you business, working for you competently and consistently.  

Yes! You will build a  lead generation system to generates warm leads and create and implement the strategies to convert leads to sales.

Yes!  it is possible for any business, even with no marketing experience.

All you need to bring is your amazing expertise for your work,  a desire to clearly understand who buys from you and  why they buy from you so that we can put that to work for you to grow your business.

STEP ONE – Assess

Where is your business marketing at right now and what is the current state of your lead generation. We will look at leads, conversions, revenue, life time value, profit. How do you show up and how are you perceived? What resouces are available to build your unique lead genaration system?

STEP 2 – Nail Your Niche

Specialism beats generalism anyday, accelerates your authority, referrability and ultimately profitablility. When you carve up your world and choose segment(s) to work with you can really stand out, be remarkable and stop competing on price.

STEP 3 – Connect With Your Ideal Core Market

Know them, love them and have them know and love you back. Life is so easy when we know our ideal core client and why they need us in their life. From wowing your existing clients to building the know, like and trust so you are your ideal prospect's go to expert. You will start to nurture your world through their 7 step journey with you from curiosity - closing a sale. How different is that to a convincing and persuading price dropping random course of action?

STEP 4 – Hone Your Story

The Why gets the buy. People buy people and they buy with emotion first. To be talked of as a recommended brand who people expect to pay a premium for is better than being the cheapest. Get your story,messaging and communications in order and see the shift in your lead generation and sales conversion.

STEP 5 – Organise The Tech, Tools, Web and Wizardry

This is the nitty gritty stuff of getting your lead generating system built and working. On line, off line, hi-tech automation to old school tools and strategies we will bring together what will work best for you and your market to build your ideal lead generating system at your pace and investment.

Step 6 – Realise Your Plan

So now we can put the outcomes we want into a plan and get our 90 days of action to get our desired outcome. Clear goals and the action plan to build and get into action your lead generation system. Lets go - generating warm leads and implementing strategies to convert them to sales.

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