"I don't want to be pushy"

Prospecting & cold outreach is just not everybody's thing.

Can we help you?

Lead Generation for Hull and beyond

Do you want to take your business to the next level but need more sales in to do that?

If people need what you offer then you need to  find them and bring them to your door  You cannot “hope” that they will find you on their own.

If nothing changes nothing changes.  Why not bring in new energy and expertise to help your team with their sales outreach or if you dont have a team have  us do the prospecting work for you.

You have everything you need to convert leads to sales consistently otherwise you wouldn’t have the business you have  –  you just need to get it all working for you.

Laura was clear about how to create and position my packages to the various markets I work with, without diluting my message. She is very personable, super focused and helps you to clarify your marketing message”

Laura Greenwood Your Lead Generation Hull

What Results Do We Deliver

Ultimately you need a funnel of qualified prospects to want your solution, not a solution.   So where will we start:

If you have one, we will take your prospect list and start connecting with them.    

Maybe  it   will be about  building on your current marketing efforts such as events, webinars, demo days to create a robust lead generator.

Perhaps it will be about identifying a common set of needs you solve across a wide range of industries and going out and finding those prospects.  

Whatever we need to do we will find a great way to generate leads for your business to convert to sales.

There is just one question – are you ready to start growing your business?

Kind Words From Our Clients

"Laura's help was outstanding. She has given me good ideas and supported me to create sellable products."
Edyta Boyle
Owner, EB Coaching
"Laura has such a passion for her work, she dives right into create a plan to reach your target markets. From the initial brief to execution Laura is extremely focused on defining your niches and delivering content in a variety of media"
Jill Woods
Director, Signum FM Ltd
"Laura is a pleasure to work with. She exudes enthusiasm for her work, is very astute and commercially minded and is quick to spot an opportunity."
Fiona Dwyer
Broadcaster, PR Expert

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