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Are you frustrated that your business does not generate consistent warm leads?

Referrals are just not enough! Get more sales from your own leads than you get from referrals. Stop competing on price! Start talking about your value. Stop being comparable with your competition! Find your remarkable and define your unique position. You have everything you need to create unspammy, converting campaigns. You just need to know how to look at your history and your numbers differently and start to ask some great questions. "Laura was clear about how to create and position my packages to the various markets I work with, without diluting my message. She is very personable, super focused and helps you to clarify your marketing message"

Your Lead Generation

Will get you on the path to business growth using our innovative ANCHOR90 6-step process. Start generating warm leads and implement the strategies to convert them to sales - consistently.


Assess the gap

What is your current lead generation reality - How many customers,leads and conversions?


Nail your Niche

What is your remarkable, what is your superpower and who are your ideal core clients?



Find and engage your ideal core clients so they turn to you when they are ready to buy.


Hone your story

Educate and nuture your prospects through the 6 steps to closing.



Sort the tech, wizardry and tools to build your ideal lead geneation sytem to convert leads to sales.



Set the goals and organise the activities into a 90 day plan of action.

If you want to build a Lead Generation Sytem in your business - get in touch today!

Laura Greenwood

laura greenwood your lead generation hull

I have created my company Your Lead Generation to help business owners put marketing to work in their business to create warm leads that convert to sales and so they stop relying on referrals.  

I grew up in horseracing.   Returning from galloping horses around the country and across the world I found my love of marketing while working for a start up in York.  I moved to be marketing manager at the world famous Jorvik Viking Centre and spent happy years in the leisure and tourism marketing world.

After marriage I landed the job of  growing and developing my husband’s family hospitality business which we ran for 23 years whilst raising 3 free range children.

Back in my happy marketing place, I specialise in guiding stressed and frustrated  business owners and commercial directors to find their marketing gold.  We create clarity on what they stand for, who they serve, the value they bring and translate that into great communication so they get their message out and  people buy what they sell


Kind words from my clients

"Laura's help was outstanding. She has given me good ideas and supported me to create sellable products."
Edyta Boyle
Owner, EB Coaching
"Laura has such a passion for her work, she dives right into create a plan to reach your target markets. From the initial brief to execution Laura is extremely focused on defining your niches and delivering content in a variety of media"
Jill Woods
Director, Signum FM Ltd
"Laura is a pleasure to work with. She exudes enthusiasm for her work, is very astute and commercially minded and is quick to spot an opportunity."
Fiona Dwyer
Broadcaster, PR Expert

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