The Membership Programme To Get You To Competently & Consistently Generate Leads.

Referrals are just not enough! Get the tools, templates and support to maximise your role.

Get your website, social media and direct marketing working for the business.

Find your own remarkable and develop your strategic thinking and define your unique approach.

What's in it for you?

Through the Lead Generator Membership you will:

  • Maximise your success in your job role.
  • Start to generate warm leads that are ready to buy what the business offers.
  • Cultivate your unique approach, max out your role and get rid of the stress and discomfort of the cold hard sell.

How will you achieve this?

Through working with me in this membership programme you will:

  • Unlock the power of social media – stop wasting time scrolling and generate leads.  I will help you unlock the kingdom of unlimited, relevant content creation and how to organise and deliver it to your audience through paid and unpaid channels.
  • Understand why people buy  – if you know why they buy you know how to sell to them – I share how to do this.
  • Understand how a website should be organised and how to get it working.
  • Plan a direct marketing strategy, understand the power of telemarketing, email and lumpy mail and get them working for the business.
  • Take all the above to build your online and offline world to generate leads that convert to sales.

The Lead Generator Membership

I have designed my programme specifically for key business managers stressed and overwhelmed with the task of converting connections to sales. 

I will guide you to understand it so you can influence and help plan your company strategy over the weeks we work together.  How would it feel to:

  • Cultivate your own strategic marketing approach to lead generation.
  • Understand and be able to systemise the lead generation process in the business you work for.
  • Cultivate strategies and tactics to fix  inconsistent lead generation issues.  

How does the Membership work?

  • I will help you  implement and build a lead generation process. 
  • You will benefit from understanding and delivering the right marketing that gets results. 
  • Ask me any questions you have along the way.
  • I am there to work with you Monday – Friday with a mix of weekly tasks, education and training.  I have done the heavy lifting and broken each step down into 25 minute tasks that you can literally do over a cup of tea.  With full explanation, templates, tutorials and me there to support, feedback and get you into action. 
  • I am there for feedback through the week with same day feedback/answers.

Over the weeks as you consistently do the work with me and increase your knowledge and implementation  you will deliver a solid and consistent message which will have leads turning to you when they are ready to buy.

Whether you implement the work yourself or brief others to do it for you, you will really start managing and maximising your role without the overwhelm and stress of not knowing what to do next. 

Over time you will see and understand how so much can be automated to make it all happen despite what else is going on in your world!

From content creation and production, building databases, making connections, telemarketing strategies, Linked In approaches, visibility on social media platforms, I will take you through the full process.   Moving your work and approach from the cold hard sell to  implementing a prospect centric inbound approach.

I know what you are thinking you have heard it all before.  I am here to tell you that the programme I have designed is different.   

  • I will work with you to help you understand, implement and build a solid lead generation process. 
  • I literally take you step by step to unleash the power of social media, the company website and your direct marketing strategy.
  • I am  there for feedback and support, whether it is fomulating strategy thinking of content or even writing a blog.

Backing up this support is my 6-step Lead Generation Programme so you can get the thinking and strategy behind my system too – it will skyrocket your understanding and strategic thinking and value to your company.   

The 6-step process brings together all my experience; working in start up businesses, marketing management in the management training and the  leisure industry,  20+ years growing and running our own family hospitality business, the “Done For You” marketing contracts I deliver on behalf of clients.

 Why do I know this is so needed? 

Here are  examples of scenarios I am faced with again and again and again, if you are guilty of any of these statements my programme can help you:

  1. “We have spent a fortune on a website that has not generated any leads.” I know you are left to work with a beautiful shiny website with eyecatching visuals being seen by no one and not talking to anybody inparticular.  This programme takes you through  the tweaks and tactics to get that investment working.  We will look at getting the right eyes on your website, being clear about the action you want them to take, getting their contact details, giving great value to your market.
  2. “There is only me that can do this and I just don’t have the time.”  Yes, the programme needs your strategic imput and we can map that out quite painlessly but The Lead Generator Membership  has been set up so that with my guidance you can build the social media visibility, direct marketing strategies and get your website working for you.
  3. Advertising is so expensive and doesn’t work anymore?  There is no magic wand.  As part of a a clear strategy   modern day “paid” advertising offers focused targettting and trackable results you can soon cut out the expense and focus on the investments.
  4. “We only need 1% of the market we operate in”. – yes but which 1% are you going for?  Trying to hit the whole market in order to get your tiny bit will just leave you exhausted and/or bankrupt.  With my approach you will  flip things from shouting and fighting for attention in a crowded noisy marketplace to becoming a brand of choice that your clients turn to when they are ready to buy.
  5. “It always comes down to price”.    Through my programme you will find the more profitable value platform.  Instead of talking price I will show you you the secrets to discussing your extra value propositions, your knowledge, trust, connectedness, expertise. You will get your business at the top of its game and avoid that no go area of competing on price.
  6. “Good products and services sell themselves.” Even great products need a lead generation  strategy in place to sustain popularity and desirability in the longer term.  There is no silver bullet it is about building a system that consistently and competently works for the business.


A Client Story .....

One of my clients, a family  owned company providing modular solutions.  Passionate at what they do, competitive on price and always highly recommended.  They knew they loved being in their factory and out on site “We build anything modular and  take on a lot of projects others won’t.”  What  they loathed was being in the office, dealing with sales enquiries and cold calling.  All leads came through their website, where they were instructed on every page to phone their business.

[expand title=”We flipped their positioning to:”]

  • Offer 5 clear service/product lines with a specialism in washroom facilities.
  • A  unique 5 step approach to delivering their solutions, highlighting  their expertise and authority.
  • A detailed and educational enquiry form where the prospect was taken through the step by step process to design their ideal modular building with all the supplementary facts and information to educate them along the way.
  • Grew visibility, audience and leads on relevant social media platforms to connect and engage with their different target markets.
  • Collected email addresses to create direct marketing automations and campaigns.

You too can get a lead generating system …

Why Is This Programme So Special?

I am there to guide and give you knowledge, processes and  templates to implement your lead generation system so you get it done despite all the other things going on.  Also, its fun you will be amazed at what you learn and the different perspective.

Here is a list of what you will learn and implement (as relevant for you) in the membership.  Stop the stress and overwhelm and start loving what you do by implementing with support from me the steps to generate leads that convert to sales.

  • Kick of with a matter of fact assessment of where your lead generation is at.

  • Culivate your unique prospect centred approach that feels honest and not icky.

  • Raise your social media profile with a proven process to follow to connect, engage and post content.

  • Build great databases.

  • Understand how to create email sequences and automations that work for you in the background.

  • Get your website seen and converting.

  • Be  clear on what the business (and you) stand for (and against).

  • Clarity on the target market (s) and how to reach them.

  • The important numbers of lead generation

  • Segmenting your world so you can reach your markets.

  • Proactive goal setting and strategies to build the lead generating systems.

  • 90 day action plans + goals to make sure action is taken

  • Discover or rediscover your own “why” for your business and love your work all over again!

  • My expertise, support and guidance Monday – Friday

  • Help with content writing and planning including feedback and help to get your style going.

  • Briefing others to delier what you need from copywriting to technology.

  • Develop a  prospect centric approach that will supercharge your business.

  • You will truly understand  why people buy which will light the way on how to sell to them.

  • What you do is really important for the people who need you in their life and you will truly understand and be excited about telling them.

  • Build your authority and become the go-to expert for your niche (s).

  • Implement effective, lead generating direct marketing campaigns with my full support to write and craft great content.

  • Set up great telemarketing campaigns and critique and continuously improve the telemarketing activities.

  • Use social media to build audience and consistent visibility with your own strategy to connect, engage and communicate.

  • Understand SEO and its power to benefit your business.

  • Understand Googleads and consider if they are suitable for your business.

  • Understand Facebook ads and how you might use these.

  • Craft your unique approach to stand out in your market place.

  • Find your superpowers and communicate them.

  • Educate your world on how they can buy from you

  • Build your content creation strategy with me.

  • Actually understand and build out a lead generation funnel

  • Email and phone support from me Monday-Friday.

  • Support in the facebook group daily.

  • Monthly zoom call.

  • Opportunity to buy 1:1s and additional help and support at any time – don’t ever be stuck again.

  • Lifetime access – you dont have to implement it all first time around – your membership is evergreen and you will build and improve your lead generation system ongoing.

How It Works

My mission is to help as many people as possible breakthrough the roadblocks and build a sustainable, consistent and competent lead generation system in their business.   If this responsibility falls on your shoulders and you feel swamped and overwhelmed in getting into action the Lead Generator Membership is perfect.

I have created the Lead Generator Membership to support you to maximise your role and get your lead gen working.   Getting into action is what the membership is all about.  We will methodically build your system with consistent bite sized tasks to be completed each week.

  • We will work in 3 x 5 week blocks where we go deep into websites, social media and direct marketing.

  • Each week there will be a task to implement in the business complete with tutorial, guidelines, templates, worksheets and it will be broken down into 25 minutes steps to complete.

  • I am available to give feedback and will talk and give further guidance and help as to what is needed for you to WIN!

  • Week 5 will be a group zoom call to catch up and make sure the previous 4 weeks are actioned and implemented and I can go over any queries and questions you have.

  • Membership of a private group run through Facebook.  The tasks will be made available through the group so if Facebook is not your thing then there is a work-around but the group offers extra support and discussion so it is totally your call.

  • You get full access to my 6-step Lead Generation Strategy  complete with videos and worksheets.  This is my 30 years of experience and my strategy behind what I teach.

  • I will run a zoom session every week for the membership to give further training on each of the 6 steps.  Your membership includes these sessions and  I will include the recording in the membership too.

  • Whether you are implementing this work yourself or briefing your team or indeed outside agencies you will get the knowledge and support from me.

  • Critique and feedback on content, help with writing blogs and emails, automations, communcations and brief writing – I am here to make sure you win!

  • I am available for any 1:1 sessions as required and these will be held at £99 (currently £129) for the first 12 months of your membership.

lead generator membership programme

This is my lead generator membership programme and there are 2 ways to pay for it. One lump sum or 10 payments.

Pay In Full


10 Payments


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What Is Covered In The 6-Step Lead Generation Programme

Where is your business marketing at right now and what is the current state of your lead generation.  We will look at leads, conversions, revenue, lifetime value, profit.  How do you show up and how are you perceived? What resources are available to build your unique lead generation system.

This is the pivotal step and work that we do that makes the rest of it fall into place.  It is where you find what you stand for, who you serve and the value you bring across one or multiple niches. Carving your world up and choosing segments to work with is the way to stand out.  Finding difference and being remarkable accelerates your authority, referrability and ultimately profitability – it all happens when you work in niches.

Know them, love them and have them know and love you back.  Life is so easy when we know our ideal core client and why they need us in their life.   From wowing your existing clients to building the know, like and trust so you are your ideal prospect’s go to expert. You will start to nurture your world through their journey with you which we will work on together.  How different is that to a convincing, persuading, price dropping random course of action.

The WHY get the buy.  People buy what people buy (not what you sell) and they buy with emotion first.  Working with me will get you on the path of value rather than price.  The value  platforms brings trust and   to the untouchable stuff that clients buy into which creates an experience and builds relationships rather than just chasing a transaction.

One of the tings I hate about my industry is that so many people say “I have spent so much money on web/tech (insert item here) and it doesn’t work – it usually doesn’t work as steps 2-4 have not been worked through.  We will work through social media positioning, website writing, visual content, content writing SEO, Goolgeads, facebook ads, etc and and the does and donts and ins and outs of all the digital wizardry and direct marketing.  I will bring you access to experts on each of the individual subjects so whether you want to do the work yourself or brief an outside expert you will get the knowledge and help you need to take action to build the process of your dreams.

So now we can put the outcomes we want into a plan + goals.  You will get a clear picture of the 90 days of action and intentions mapped out to get your desired outcome.

I am available to you for extra 1:1 sessions as required and these will be held at £99 for the whole of the 12 month from your initial start date so there is no need to be overwhelmed or stuck.

What People Say?

Laura has helped me set targets and a direction of travel for 2020 making it a potentially the most exciting year for me. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a fresh outlook to their business development and marketing
Tony Bolder
Managing Director
Laura is extremely focussed on delivering the right marketing messages, defining your niche and delivering content in a variety of media that ensure you are on top of your marketing plan at all times. If you know you need to focus on your marketing activity but keep pushing it to the bottom of the pile I’d recommend you speak to Laura – her energy is infectious!
Jill Woods
Managing Director

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