The power of a recommendation from a perceived influencer can make a huge difference in sales and interest for any size business from local to multinational.  Social media has spawned an amazing amount of influencers and thought leaders so how do you find yours?

First of all is your brand and campaign booted and suited and ready to be looked over…. Do you have a well defined message, clear values and a purpose that your target influencer can pick up and see clearly.

  1. What does your ideal influencer look like, where are they from, what are their interests, what is their influence, can you name them, draw them, what groups are they part of, what apps do they use, what do they write about, what are they thought leaders in, what action do they inspire in others, how important could they be to you… take the time to really plan this as otherwise you are open to falling for anyone.
  2. How active is the influencer, what is their own branding like and what does it convey, do you feel comfortable with it and if not is that because of something they are doing or because of your own resistance/fear/stories in you head. 
  3. Where are they working from, do you need local influencers, for instance the head business leaders in your city to be linked to your firm (financial planning can do amazing things by just building up their profile in their city/county) or are you a really niche product in a huge global market.
  4. Check their followers – do they mirror yours and are they actively engaging with the influencer. The channels they use will also give you an idea of the vibe of their tribe.
  5. Does the content that the influencer publishes get lots of engagement, is there a particular type of content that gets a lot of engagement. Is their style positive/negative, in line with your own values. Trust your instincts.
  6. On finding your future best business friend….. linger where they are, get involved in their conversations and those of their congregation, put the work in to build links and a connection with them. Can you take them to lunch (old school but friendship making skills never alter), invite them to an event, interview them, sponsor them maybe, What is your ideal outcome for them.
  7. It is a 2-way street, they need content, so keep them in the know, be clear about the message of your current campaign and leave it open enough for them to have their opinion on it. Let them know your plans and future news that may be of use to them, and I mean news, don’t fall for just churning out social media content for the sake of it. You both need a trusted business friend your relationship should enhance both your lives.   
  8. And it goes without saying, be authentic, true to you and your brand and try creating from inspiration and not just memory (more on that later) and enjoy the journey.

I am Laura Greenwood of Your Lead Generation. I guide business owners on how to turn connections into leads and develop strategies to convert leads to sales.  Can I help you, we can have a 15 minute phone call to see if I am the help you need or email me at or telephone 07703 520490.

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