How to Re-engage Old Leads

Todays blog is prompted by a question on my DMs which was about how to approach  reengaging old leads.

My biggest thing on this subjecct (as a human in the lead gen game) is:


So be honest, how did you end things last time you were in touch?  Usually 1 of 2 things took place:

  1. Companies get into lead generation zone and only the low hanging fruit ‘ready to buys’ get the attention. The cooler ‘not ready yets’ were left after a couple of contacts.
  2. The lead nurture was pursued but came to nothing as they were simply not ready to buy at that time. 

However it ended be mindful of the history and past conversations, don’t ignore it.   Were all your past communications just a pitch fest in an effort to secure a sale.

This time around could we consider a relationship building approach and be a person not a pitch.

8 key insights for reengaging old leads

  1. Look at their current social media and see if what they are talking aboutcould link to what you offer (don’t forget to take the opportunity to get involved in that conversation on social media too). 
  2. Pick up the phone be helpful give value, have a chat and find where they are at (lead magnets can work well here or perhaps a webinar)
  3. Don’t be too informal – respect where you left off and reintroduce yourself, tell them about improvements and changes etc..
  4. Try a message on linkedIn (I am assuming you are connected to all your leads on Linked In – if not start doing that today!) just a quick conversational style message/question.. It can be easier than an email as it doesnt need opening or all the intro and formality you can keep it quite short.  Also, it can be
  5. By all means tell them what they have missed out on and detail results that others have had by using your products.
  6. If you do have a good deal and they didn’t buy before be open and honest about that in your conversation but I would be wary about sending a cold pitch of the deal to join all the other cold emails that were unread! Try a different channel!
  7. Think of a consistent email nurture programme you could put in place so they don’t get dusty again!
  8. Haven’t the time – outsource it!

Whatever you do get started and get back in touch with that database – a hot lead never gets old so go and find yours!

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