Here is my quick, practical, how to guide at what you need to think of when thinking about your lead generation:

What Leads should I be generating?  Well there are 2 main types of lead, they are either actively looking for what you have or they have come across you and are interested in what you do. We term them warm or cold, active or passive. 

Which platform do I use?

The questions to answer here are what do you offer and who are your audience?

Your active leads come from Google organic searches, GoogleAds, Bing Ads, people typing in your URL and going direct to your website, referrals (think how important the dark social is for the last two generators). These leads are warm and actively looking for what you sell so they need a strong direct call to action. They have typed in your keywords and found you or gone direct to your website – they need what you are offering and want you to sell to them!

Your passive leads come from your facebook ads, social media posts, PR, email and any other marketing activity – basically people who were going about their day and you got in their way, grabbed their interest and they want to learn more – but they are not ready to buy. So the job here is to educate, build loyalty and trust. To get their details you might offer a pdf, guide sweetener to help them learn more about you and off you go on your journey together building like, trust and loyalty to get them to try and buy.

Now please read this……At first glance you think I  want active ready to buy warm leads but the results of  constantly undertaking purely sales targeted  marketing are the warm leads will eventually dry up by a variety of factors including your competitors simply outbidding you, there is no like, trust, try, buy journey etc etc so the success is not sustainable (think purely flogging products)

Because of the longer journey and interactions that go in during that journey, Passive leads generally become the stronger client, give longer more profitable lifetime value and tell all their friends and provide you with ongoing referrals.

So which leads do I need? You need to generate both types of leads and have a great nurturing plan in place and work across a mix of platforms. The whole world in on Facebook so your target market must be too but they might be hard to find, disengaged and take a bit of nursing along compared to those you find on LinkedIn which may be fewer in number but more engaged.

There is no perfect answer, lead generation is an ongoing tweak and review – the driveway to your door needs constant weeding, watering and nurture. 

I am Laura Greenwood of Your Lead Generation. I support frustrated business owners stressed with the ££££s spent on marketing which has not produced sales. Using my unique ANCHOR90 techniques I guide businesses to consistently convert connections to leads and implement strategies to convert leads to sales. Contact me on 07703 5204890 or

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