Who are your business heroes and what traits do you particularly admire. My personal favourites are the creative types who just do it because they can, there is no procrastination, no fear, no care of others opinions, no fear of failure, they just seem to play the game – they don’t wait for perfection they take action.  It is a way to do life that they have chosen, it is no accident, they have chosen to live their own lives, fulfilling their potential. They have set their lives up called in the support and committed to working in their zone of genius. As a side issue, they are all kind too – that is important to me too!

As a successful professional I hope you know what that feeling is.  How amazing would it be to keep working in your zone of genius, living life true to you and going for your goals.  For the answer to that you have to be aware of when you come against resistance and the actions you take at the point of resistance, how bigger box do you exist in and do you keep stepping out of your comfort zone or building a stronger wall? My heroes feel the resistance and do it anyway.

My heroes have realised that there is no destination and the journey is it so they are enjoying the ride. But how to start.

Perhaps start with seeing the excitement of the opportunities that are in front of you, asking “What would I do if I wasn’t scared?”. Start prioritising and stop just being busy or bring someone in to action the stuff that you are never getting round to. Bringing in outside support is a great way to get perspective on your business. Look out at the huge opportunity that your education, expertise and knowledge can give to the world and then execute on that.

Responsibility and taking full 100% responsibility for your life and all parts of it whatever your history, life story, circumstances and choosing the contribution you want to make to your world. It is all your choice – get into action!

I am Laura Greenwood of Your Lead Generation, I am a queen at getting into action, life is so much better when you call in great support. Am I the help you need – we can share a 15 minute chat, call 07703 520490 or email laura@yourleadgeneration.co.uk.

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