9 Great Reasons To Take A Niche Approach

A niche approach for Lead Generation Success

“Get clear on who you serve, what you stand for and the value you bring and everything else will fall into place” is my mantra.

Focus will get you traction, action and a plan to build a sales pipeline – without a plan your lead gen is probably going to be more the spray and pray.

A niche approach is not a brick wall closing you in and shutting out the rest of the world it is a powerful approach to creating visibility, finding a connection with one of your audiences (you probably have a few that you are nurturing)  to create a sales pipeline, nurture and convert them.  Ultimately you get to be a big fish in a pond of your own making!

One niche at a time is surely a  much better gig than talking to your whole world and hoping to catch a few bites.

Looking at your whole world and carving it up into different niches or segments to focus on which are small enough to reach but big enough to serve you is the way to go.

What do you do then?

Simple, you go and become the expert in that niche.  You find everything out about that segment (s) you have picked so you can almost write down the conversation that your client is having in their head and you go and meet them right there.   You show you understand where they are at. You create a value bursting approach just for them so you enter their world as a trusted advisor and overtime  become their go-to expert.

Here are some of the benefits of nailing your niche:

  1. Standing for something and being different helps avoid the whole no go area of competing on price which is what happens when you remain comparable.   What do you replace that whole price competition with? your unique position and approach, you share your knowledge, trust, connectedness, expertise.
  2. Share value, educate them, be their expert through the content you share – make it of value to them.
  3. Ultimately it will banish the dreaded question of “tell me how you compare with XYZ (insert competitor here)” or if a potential client insists on asking it you will have plenty of reasons for showing how different and world beating you are.
  4. To aim  for 1% of a huge market is not a niche or even a recommended strategy.  It is winging it and,  you have to use huge amount of energy to communicate with the whole market in order to grab a tiny bit of it.  You don’t need everyone to want you or know about you just need enough business’ in your segment to want you. Why does this work?  It changes things from you being a small fish in a huge pond to you being a small fish in a small pond of your own making and you can soon look like a much bigger fish.
  5. It takes work but niche means finding difference – where there is no difference price becomes a major factor.   It accelerates your ability to grow your authority and expertise.  There is nothing worse than being thought of as totally comparable with your competitors. You have to be different and stand for something to stand out
  6. Standing for something having an approach and framework for how you do what you do will sky rocket your success and bring better attention to the whole of your business.  Energy goes to where you focus on.
  7. As a  specialist you  become much easier to recommend and refer as people understand what you do and the problems you solve which in turn brings you ready to buy leads who are already well on the way to knowing, liking and trusting you.
  8. Who do you pay more for a specialist or a generalist?  Once you have discovered the super power of working in niches you will never go back to being a generalist.
  9. Showing specialism creates expertise which can demand higher prices.


There isn’t a single downside to getting closer to those you want to serve – whoever gets closest to the customer wins. That moves your marketing from the old school of persuading and convincing (and chest beating) to understanding and helping people solve problems. The niche approach helps you make that shift.

If you need any help generating qualified leads and building your perpetual sales pipeline I can help do that.  From identifying your niche, writing strategy  to undertaking all the cold outreach at Your Lead Generation we turn databases to sales pipeline.  I set up my business Your Lead Generation after running our family hospitality business when I was frustrated that there was no outsourced lead generation available.   “Laura is a pleasure to work with. She exudes enthusiasm for her work, is very astute and commercially minded and is quick to spot an opportunity.


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