Getting started with a B2B Lead generation strategy

Getting started with B2B lead generation

Getting into action with B2B lead generation in your business can be at best overwhelming.

Many have started and failed many times.  Research can just bring you to the  offer of silver bullets, quick fixes and other empty promises.     Reality can look somewhat less than promised taking with it your enthusiasm and belief as you put  lead generation back in the “I spent £6k on this shiny (fill in gap) and it doesn’t work” box.

There is no quick fix as for me the system you are looking for is an asset building exercise – you should be building the lead generating journey with the same care and thought that you give to the delivery of your service or products.

11 actions to take to get started with your  B2B lead generation 

Without getting too complicated the following is a great way to start to take action to build a B2B lead gen system:. 

  1. Segment your markets and identify your key client types.  Keep it simple what is the one factual segmentation you could use.  it could be turnover, it could be by industry, geography.   How do you differentiate your message – use that same segmentor, keep it simple and factual.
  1. Under each client type identify the products and services they would want to buy from you.
  2. What are the results that you get for each of these markets – where is your value to your prospects, why should they buy from you?
  1. Where does your market hang out – on and off line, social media platforms, networking groups – write all the routes you can get to them.
  1. What reason have you got to get in touch with your target market. Where can you create some energy, excitement, expertise or empathy that they can get value from as you reach out to your world.   Get creative – what do you do that we can take a bit of or use to create a lead generator for you.  
  1. How can you give a taste of what you do, Is it demos, exhibition attendance, launches, offers, events, webinars, training,
  1. How can you tell them about the above – how about using some telemarketing and speaking to them and then build some simple follow up routines.
  2. Who are the key client facing members of your team who need to be getting more visible for your business. People buy people so how can you support your team  to find their voice and be outward facing and the face of your company.
  3. Build a database. It is important as you own it, your social media audience could be taken from you tomorrow so you have to work diligently and creatively to outreach to your target market and turn them into leads that you nurture
  4. Start ongoing email marketing.
  5. Get your online world in order to support the above (website and social). Test and measure the best way to use your assets to consistently  feed leads into your funnel.

So, which of these 11 things has inspired you into action? 

Let me know where you are at by emailing me at

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