Why do people buy (from you)?


Why do people buy from you?

Really understanding why people buy will show you how to sell to them.  

Here is how you can check in to make sure you are selling what people are actually wanting to buy:

  • Go through your customer feedback.
  • Ask customer service about the feedback they are getting.
  • When did you last ask the people who have bought your products and services why they bought from you? Ask and listen, don’t put words in their mouth.  Write down the whole list, what approach, attitude, offers, packages, promises have made people choose you. 
  • What did buyers of your product/service manage to accomplish or achieve because of their purchase?
  • When someone says they are happy to refer and recommend you –  ask why?
  • Observe your market – what people say , what people do and what people say they do are 3 entirely different things.
  • Really plan out your products and services, how they interact with each other and the big stuff that they deliver. 
  • Don’t be lazy go out and see how your market are buying and using what your sell.

The Magic of Feedback

People are usually more than happy to  give you feedback and will tell you what they like, they will also feedback on what was not so good, listen carefully and positively, being able to take feedback is a skill and a huge strength. 

Their frustration/disappointment might be something that you can fix really easily.  It might even create another benefit and improve and strengthen the reasons the next person should buy from you

What are the frustrations towards what you offer?

There are loads of frustrations  that people have to:

  • what you offer,
  • your industry or
  • the work you do

So lets take a closer look at this, so get a pen and paper and

  • List out all the resistances/frustrations that people have towards the what you offer, your industry or the work that you do.
  • Look at the points you have identified, or maybe the top 3 if there are a lot.  
  • How can you today in your content, messaging start solving  these particular frustrations in your potential buyers head?    Having and using this knowledge will help you be relevant to your market and it will help you build the all important know, like and trust.
  • You wont be able to solve or overcome every issue but by acknowledging that you understand those challenges/issues exist you are at least showing you understand where they are at.

What do people buy from you?

One of my “wins” I find when I start to work with a client is in their answer to  “what do people buy from you”.  Without exception they  go on to list all the product features or tasks (if it is a service based industry).

The problem is that this list is probably the same list that all your competitors trot out and so comes the problem of not standing out and having to compete on price.  

 If you look just the same and seem to offer just what your competitors offer, you become just another supplier.  Why should a prospect choose you – why wouldn’t they just choose the cheapest?

No matter what you are selling you need to remember we are all illogical irrational beasts who buy first with our emotions and then do everything we can to find all the logical reasons to back up the emotion – not the other way around.

If you want some of their precious time and attention you have to get across your value.  Find your remarkableness and enter the conversation as a trusted advisor (3 levels above a supplier).  Be clear on your USPs. the value you bring so they turn to you.

Download my short workbook here – which introduces you to DIY version of how to go  about finding your value and why people buy.


The cost of not finding your difference is that you will compete on price.   The magic is moving from supplier to trusted advisor.


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