6-Steps To Building Your Lead Generation System

A Summary of Step One – Assessing Where You Are At

Here is a summary of my ANCHOR90 6-step process of embracing marketing to  build a lead generation system.  Let me know how you get on!

Where is your business marketing and lead generation at right now?  Be honest, real, direct  and get really clear on how things are and as the leader how  you feel about your business.    Is there a familiar cycle to how your business runs, regular peaks and troughs, a rut that you are in, what has worked and what has flopped?  

If it feels too personal as your business is your baby that is fine, you have 5 minutes to blame everything you want to blame but that’s it five minutes.  Get over yourself, grab a cuppa, trust in the process and commit to do the work that is going to see you generate leads and create strategies to convert leads to sales.   

All good things and let me know how you get on.

Laura x


Where are you at with your current marketing goals?

What was the dream and what is the reality?

Take a look at the wins and losses of your current lead generation goals v reality to date

  • Where are you strong
  • Where are you weak?
  • What do you need to keep doing?
  • What do you need to stop doing?

Now lets take a look at  the excuses and reasons.  Have an open and honest discussion even just with yourself about why things went well, and what has not gone so well.  Were you lacking resources (money, time, team, skills and knowledge).  Be as frank and open as possible.    

Go to the uncomfortable places as that is where the gold is.   Growth and success and realising your potential comes from getting out of your comfort zone. 

Where are you too comfortable and the next question on from that  is where are you too  comfortable with the excuses; to clarify, where are you accepting that you are not good in an area (and happy with all the excuses you trot out).  Is there an opportunity we are missing to flip this around. 

For example, if conversion of leads is low,  what are your conversion tactics?  Could we ask the question, what would be the ideal approach to converting leads, are you skipping an all important step in the sales journey that answering this question will uncover..

Stop accepting excuses as to why things are, get curious, your next level of growth could just be a couple of questions away.

If you feel you are stuck operating in mediocrity when you know you can stand for so much more where is the lightbulb to find your superpower!  Is it in your vision, your current skillsets or are you just trying to be everything to everyone.  

What is the world you operate in?

Do you have a clear identity of who your ideal core client is, when did you last have a good look at actually who is buying from you – are they the market you want or do you need to spread your net and think if there is maybe a better market out there. 

Where do your current core clients come from, can you pinpoint a sector, size or business type, how they found you, what they were looking for. 

The Lead Generation Numbers?

Everyone wants more customers, revenue and profit.  How do you grow these 3 areas?

For more customers it is a mix of increasing leads and conversion.   These are 2 really powerful numbers to know as it allows you to monitor the cost of any campaign as ou wil know that A amount of leads wll convert at X% creating Y revenue and give you Z profit.

Revenue will come with conversions and cultivating the lifetime value of existing customers.  

For profit, do you know your profit margin – can you grow it and put an armed guard around it.

How do you show up?

Depending on how upto date your current web and social media platforms are will obviously dictate how much information you can get from these 2 areas.  But analysis of this data will give you insight into how visitors interact with your sites:  The most  popular topics, where they have come from, where they drop off and their general behaviour towards your online content. 

Is there a particular behaviour you can  map that  leads exhibit when they convert to sales?  Do they initiate a quote, view certain pages, interact with certain content, have indepth sales talks, take up introductory offers? 

Who is you website talking to and what journey am I asking people to take?

Social media will also give you information on what is being discussed in your industry, what is hot and what is not, the problems your ideal core client are talking about etc.  And crucial to creating great content that connects is that it  will also give you insight into the language used, what the most popular platforms are and how they use them and where they hang out.

Do you have databases? When did you last contact them and are you consistently growing your connections?


How are you perceived?

How do you show up in the world to your market?  How do your ideal core clients or your current clients perceive you?  

How do your customers rate your price – it is generally one of 2 things, either you aren’t charging enough or you are not giving enough!

What Resources have you got to invest ?

There is no point building a top drawer plan but never have the resource to implement it so it is important to look at where you at with your team, time and money now and what could be immediately made available to .


That is the Assesment, you have looked at your world, your resources and your numbers.   Now where is it that you are trying to get to?   Step 2 and beyond of my ANCHOR90 6-step system to embracing marketing to build a lead generation system in your business.

ANCHOR90 is 6-step  process  to building a lead generation system in your business.  Benefit from being clear on your ideal core clients and create the magic of building the know like and trust  so they turn to you when they are looking for what you offer. Finally we organis the tech, tools, web and wizardry to work for you consistently and competently.   The results for your business is that you start generating warm leads to convert to sales  and when this is consistently and competently done you finally build a business that serves you, giving you  the life you dreamt of.

I am Laura Greenwood and I have created my company Your Lead Generation so I can be the plug in marketing expert I wanted to find for the 20 years I ran our family business! I am here to support you, whether you choose a “done with you” or “done for you” contract my enthusiasm, immense energy, discipline & determination are all yours.   Why not enjoy the benefit of my Free Marketing Review – click here

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