Needing to dig deep into getting to grips with giving value rather than selling…. here are 5 things to consider how you can put the extra value in to help lead generation and put some great muscle in your sales funnel. Don’t try and cover them all at once, just pick one and see where it takes you in your business.

There is no quick path or easy way to creating perceived added value, it is the untouchable stuff that clients buy into which keeps you ahead of the competition, leading your niche. It is slog and hard work over time to work in on the value platform, build trust and reputation but the harvest is well worth the sowing and nurture. Who wants to have to compete on price when you can deal with a more sophisticated and educated buyer. Be talked of and recommended, be the brand people expect to pay a premium for – who would swap that for being the cheapest???

So don’t be lazy, get up, get active and get to work to find that extra value that will put extra pounds in your pocket .. you’ll have to do the work though as the last time I checked nobody was giving that extra money away for nothing.

In case you are struggling here are 5 areas to consider adding extra value:

1                    Monitor and Research

The old adage what you measure you manage is just what I am talking about. What do your customers find of value in what they buy from you, go out and ask them. You will find out one of two things: Either you aren’t charging enough or You aren’t giving enough.  Now whichever the finding is you need to know and you can make the changes to make sure you keep trading from value.

2                    Thought Leadership

Social Media paves the way perfectly for great debate, sharing insights and leading discussions in your field of expertise. A group on LinkedIn couldn’t be cheaper and you can invite all sectors from buyers, suppliers, academics, clients and even competitors. Leaders can cope with all feedback while defending their corner and leading the debate. Be there for the greater good, hold people to account, create community. It is a great way to add value to your business.

3                    Perfect The Art Of Conversation

A conversation needs a speaker and just as important is the listener. Maybe tomorrow you can try listening more than you speak?!  We all need to practise this, maybe try this at home, turn off the phone and the tv and sit with your loved one and listen to what they say, ask questions, take it all deeper, look into their eyes, be really really present – you will be astonished how much they appreciate being heard. Everybody has a voice and wants to be heard, be the business who they know is listening.

4               Give

Give a little, share a secret that could enhance your client’s lives. Social media is so (relatively) cheap; an ebook would not break the bank, a presentation trick or way to handle queries or resistance. If you know your clients personally there maybe something related to their passion or interest. Give your expertise, youtube videos to teach how to use your product, shortcuts, best practise. 

How about a facebook live to go over new modifications, Q&A, your take on the industry, This is a win/win; you give value and you learn and grow by becoming the teacher.  Can you bring in an industry expert – you don’t have to host a dinner and invite everyone, share a podcast or record your interview. We all love receiving gifts and they don’t just have to be for Christmas.

5                    Get Creative

Giving value is your job.  Your clients will value you for working hard to give value and for thinking out of the box.  And don’t forget the added bonus of added value commanding a premium price is that you get to think about some gorgeous design ideas and aspirational branding …. Enjoy the finer things in life for the extra you put in.

I am Laura Greenwood of Your Lead Generation. Can I help you? call me on 077703 520490 and we can have a chat or email

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