Flogging your product or service, however sexy it may be is not creating attraction it is just simply looking for a transaction. Let’s look at how a thought out lead generation relationship building approach would give much better results.

Think back to your high octane school crushes, we all had that one dream relationship that didn’t happen. Whether you were raised on Gone with The Wind, Grease or High School Musical, why did you have no power in that relationship??

Drum roll please ….

You had no power because you only have power when people are attracted to you.  Attraction is traction.

How do you spark attraction …. 

1 First you have to be in their universe so they can become aware of your existence when they are looking for what you offer. 

2    You pique their interest (the great chat up one liner, thought out tried out and tested of course) so they want to learn abit more about you. You in turn look interested in them and their challenge or problem they have to solve and so you get into a conversation. Note at no point yet have you talked about your product – this conversation is about your prospect so keep you face out of it!

3     For the majority the search will first be via Google. In the USA, a report by the , The ROBO Economy (Research Online Buy Offline), showed that 82% of smartphone users consult their phones on purchases they are about to make in-store and 45% read reviews before making a purchase. Note this is for retail purchasing but it is still the same humans buying so why would their behaviour not follow through.

4    So first of all we have to show up (have presence where they are hanging out and have the content that answers their questions) so think warm welcome to your world, enticing chat up lines, the offer of some value added content/pdf/knowledge/ebook in exchange for their email and let the conversation begin.  The takeaway for you here is, your potential customer really doesn’t care when the business was established and how many employees you have they just want to know how you can help. Please read this line again for added impact. 

5    Things are going well and the conversation goes a little deeper, they take a greater look at your online content, website, social media platforms, which are empathetic, knowledgeable, educating and authentic. They receive your free download, maybe a “How to…..” guide or “10 best …” think value, value, value . It is written in their language it talks about their problems, your understanding, empathy and care you have for the position they are in.  You will then be invited to show the benefits of your solutions. They see how lovely life would be if they had you in the life against how it isn’t like that as they currently don’t have your solution in their life.

5    You have traction and connection and you ask for the sale (because you cannot forget that bit) if they are ready to buy they commit and if they don’t you keep them in nurture until they are ready to buy.

6     And that is the basic frame and basis of your sales funnel. Around this funnel is built the actual work that you need to do at each stage. You will be amazed at how, when you drill down into each of these parts how much control you can have over the journey the client has at each stage. Your values can and should be embedded in every stage and where they can be systemised and routines put in place all the better as these are the parts that work for you in your sleep. How amazing would it be to spend your life dealing with educated ready to buy clients as opposed to initial enquiries. 

7     It is just suicide and laziness not to have that online base oozing sex appeal and working as hard as it can for you to give value, help your core market and bag you the sale.. Once it is set up to compliement your sales funnel it will work for you day by day by day, even when you are not there.

8      As you go bit a deeper you can see the bits that you can systemise and with thought and dedication you can create the right content including the knowledge, care, experience, in the client’s language so they see you are their solution when the time is right to buy. 

And when it is done it is done and it is clear and easy and you will wonder how you worked without it. You have put much more of your values and attraction into your early connections with your prospec and they feel attracte to you. Your interactions will be at a higher level as you will be dealing with educated buyers who are wanting to buy.

To go from selling products (or services) to solving problems is a must do winning flip you have to make. 

–         Yes from the outset be clear on your product or services features and benefits, you need to be the world’s best advocate for your service or product so why would you not know everything about it.  

–         Definitely, without question,  have the features and benefits listed on your website (somewhere) so clients can do their due diligence. 

–         What you also need to do, and this is much harder work which is why loads of people miss the gold as they think it should be easier than it is and they get totally resistant to doing the work. I can hear you now “oh I don’t need to do this …. I have better things to do with my time…. I am already turning over £XXXXX in revenue and have lots of buyers” without all that.

–         For those who feel the resistance and want to do keep going, put your resistance aside or just sit with it and give it a great big cuddle and do the work anyway.  Then to get you going, take a list all the problems your potential client has and list how your product or service solves their problems.  

 If I can get one thing over to you it is time + value = trust, it is the basis of a great long term relationship and is the type of relationship both sides need to be in.

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