How to use your social proof

Everyone is trying to generate leads and getting business in is what it is all about.  Social Proof is a very powerful tool.   The marketing/lead gen climate is defiantely not straight up at the moment but it certainly isnt insurmountable and there is lots we can do to build and strengthen our position and visibility, sharing social proof is one of them

Building your world (social, web and direct marketing) is not just about selling (or chest beating as I fondly call it) it is about letting people get to know you.  If you are making claims in the outcomes you get for people one of the biggest things you can do is show proof of this.  It might be data, stories, testimonials, past case studies, photographs of events , social proof can really help build the know like trust. 

How to share your  social proof

We are all excellent with scrolling in our reading of content so make your stories quite “snackable”.  Don’t go into chapter and verse of an 18 months project, maybe just talk about one win within that case study.  If you have made a product you might just concentrate on one feature or enhancement on that product and how that helped the users of the product (and could help that prospect).    Give them something they can easily read, get the message, perhaps share a picture or diagram and then move on.

Using social proof to prove that you can “save people money”

One of the obvious benefits many products/services offer is the ability to help people save money and it can be a wonder to you why just for that reason people don’t flock to buy.  Be aware that people hate change and discomfort so be honest and open with the simplicity  and pain the  change is for them to get that money saving outcome.   

The discomfort can be a huge resistance for people taking action so if this is an issue for converting in your world then take some time to look at this.

Sometimes it is just not a big  enough pain for them for whatever reason or they don’t “trust” people who make the claim so instantly dismiss a very valid offer.  Here the power of  proof, testimonials and case studies can  really help.  

How to overcome reservations and frustrations with social proof

Showing really transparent options and being as open as you can.  Knowing your industry/target market will give you the knowledge of the frustrations or resistance people have to your industry or what you are offering so if you can try to overcome and address those issues in your proof that will be very very powerful for building the know, like and trust.  Not every frustration can be addressed  but where your proof and/or your data can start answering the reservations of getting them over that roadblock then it can become very useful to you.

Where to share your proof

Share your proof across your world, in your direct marketing, social media and your website.  Wherever people can read and learn about you add your proof so they can see you can do what you say you do and you are who you say you are.

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