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3 Simple Steps To Optimising Your Website

  3 Simple steps to optimising your website We all talk about getting good habits on  social  media.   Standard practise is connecting, engaging and posting content.  However, so  many business owners never take the same steps for their website/SEO due … Read More

Getting Your Website in Order

Getting your website in order

People come to your website at different temperatures they might not be ready to buy but they need to know they have arrived in the right place.  It is not about having the shiniest website its about having your website … Read More

How to use social proof in the battle to build know like and trust

How to use your social proof Everyone is trying to generate leads and getting business in is what it is all about.  Social Proof is a very powerful tool.   The marketing/lead gen climate is defiantely not straight up at the … Read More

Consistent Content Creates Customers!

Is this the week when you are going to work through your resistance to digital media and seize all the opportunities that the platforms offer to get you in the game and get as close to your customer as possible? Look … Read More