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People come to your website at different temperatures they might not be ready to buy but they need to know they have arrived in the right place.  It is not about having the shiniest website its about having your website in an order that talks to somebody so lets have a look at the priorities.  The size is irrelevant this works from a 1 pager to infinity and is not an exhaustive list but the main priorities.   

The website order of priorities

The first 3 things in the website order that need to be in that “above the fold” area.

  1. The headline/header/elevator pitch saying what you are who you serve and the value so the prospect knows they  are in the right place and it hopefully it invites them to take a further interest.
  2. Details the problem/loss/pain you solve or joy you bring
  3. Introduce your company as the prospects guide to the solution and then talk about the solution (not your company)

Because of this positioning they see within that nanosecond window that  they  are in the right place, relax and start to consume a bit more so lets look at the rest of the website order of content from the point of view of the prospect:

  • Your authority to solve their problem.
  • Plan of products/services and how they can buy
  • Information on your company for them to do research and do their “due diligence”. So many people have this as the first information on the website but you need to talk about the prospect first so they are then interested to find out more about your business.
  • Lead Generator this is important and you might have a few different ones from signing up to your email list or downloading a free lead magnet, make it nice they will probably print it off and put it in their file.    I like to think that what you come up with helps them now or makes their life better in some way – always try to give value.  If they have stayed on your site and are consuming the content it is fine to push for more commitment and maybe have a pop up, for this pop up it might be a great idea to ask 3 pertinent questions to help segment your audience so when it feeds back to your email platform you can really target the information you send out to match their interest.
  • Testimonials and case studies to show you can do what you say you can do.
  • A great blog strategy – Your website work is not as sexy as a post that gets you 5 likes and 500 views but it is an investment, put on well written content and it will work for you.  Blogs are a long term investment, it might not get instant traction but over the months it will get indexed and it is another page that comes up on Google.  It is well worth investing in great copy and write the articles   It is one of the first things that I go and look at to see if it is loved and alive.    Your great content can be cut and sliced and diced and used on social media, emails as well as blogs that you can share more than once.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Details

The importance of having your website in order

We all know over 87% of prospects are doing lots of research  and are often well on the way to buying before they ever call you.  The more your website can show you are alive, up to date, answer their resistance and frustrations the better.  It is open 7 days a week so have it in order for them to come and look at you.

Where does SEO come in

It is the process of getting the traffic to your website from the organic searches google searches.  When we look at SEO we are looking at how easy it is for the google to find your website.  Google wants to be as helpful as possible to the searcher so it is worth putting in the work to get your key phrases liked by Google.  The biggest factor is relevancy and that is why it is so important that your webpages are exactly what the searchers are looking for.  Google uses 200 factors in their algorithm to determine what is relevant.  Add to this is it useful is the information they are looking for easy to find and consume.  Google will now whether it is when it sees your “bounce” rate for one thing,  people will not hang around if it is not what they are looking for.

A paragraph on Google Ads

Google Ads is so powerful but leave the execution to the experts.  In a nutshell it is directly connecting you with those people searching for what you provide.  A keyword is the search term that a visitor would put in the google search box.  You build your ads around keywords and then bid to have your ad seen (impression)by any visitors when they search on your keyword.  Cost per click (CPC) is the amount you pay when the visitor clicks on your ad.  Click through rate (CTR) is the impressions divided by the CPC – so the higher the better.     The key thing after all that investment and effort is to make sure you take them through to a great converting page – don’t just send them through to your homepage, these people are looking for something and need selling to!

Google Analytics is free and a goldmine of information

Google Analytics – is free and gives you a wealth of information on how users found your website and their interaction so you can see which marketing channels are winning you business.  Make sure your web developer has installed it on your website.   The data is immense, you will see new visitors, returning visitors, how long they stay on your site, pages visited, where they dropped off.   Critical signals are bounce rate, website loading times, click through rates, find your key pages and where you need to put your prominent stuff.

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