The Importance of an Elevator Pitch

The first two benefits of crafting an elevator pitch

  1. An elevator pitch is about 15  words that explain to anyone, preferably so even a 6 year old can understand what your business does. 
  2. Secondly,  developing your elevator pitch makes  you get clarity once again in  what you stand for, who you serve, the value you bring and the outcomes you deliver (working on your business is always time well spent).  

One of the first questions I like to ask is “if we were stood at the bus stop and I asked what you do what would you say”   Could you tell me in 2 sentences in  such a way as I was able to ask you a question about your business  or relate what you do to help someone that I know.     It needs to pique the interest,  try and tell a story they  will understand.

Where to start on crafting the perfect elevator pitch

Start with allowing yourself an A4 description.  OK you might not need it but think about being creative before you get into edit mode – if you start in edit mode fixating on 15 words you might miss the gold!   Once you have done your essay start to hone it  down into a paragraph and just keep going.  It will really help you hone your message and get clear on what you do – and as I love reduce, reuse and recycle the long story you started with would might make a blog or email and then chunk it up for social media posts.

Being clear on the people you serve, the problem you solve and the solution you deliver makes you really stand out, be remarkable and be referrable – all great for lead generation and the perfect ingredients for an elevator pitch. Being general and all things to all people isn’t serving you as it makes you unnoticeable, bland and nobody needs you.    There is massive lead generation opportunity in getting known for one single solution delivered to one type of person – check out my niche blog here

Why this will get  you noticed

People will stop and notice if you are talking to them, or they will recognise people they know who need you and  you start to get traction.

If you are  not getting traction currently is it because you are talking to nobody inparticular??  Really think about the people that you want to serve,  who do you have the solution for and start writing all you do to that person.  Let them know  that you understand the hell they are in today and show them the heaven that your solution will take them to.  Trying to speak to the whole world to grab a tiny bit will exhaust you or bankrupt you or both segmenting your world into smaller segments that are small enough for you to reach an be an expert in but large enough to serve you is the way to go.

How focused can you get your pitch

What segments of your market could you be serving now, where could you be really strong, focus on that part of your world.  Where are you an expert (or could quickly become one).  Consider the feedback you have for the work you have done with clients, who did you really resonate with, what did they identify as your strengths.   Often the small business  tries to look like it does all things to many people.   As a business owner it is very easy to be dragged off to be everything to everyone.  Being flexible and responding to individual enquiries is absolutely fine, we all the have the bills to pay but keep your messaging focused.   If you are not hitting your market and generating leads where can you niche down and specialise and really get known for something.

Include the results you get for your clients

Being clear on what your outcomes and promises are is another strong point to have clarity on.  When you get deep and specific on outcomes people can see you can help them and others.  You become referrable and recommendable and you get known for something (who doesn’t want to be an expert/authority) and before you know it you are on the path to being a   specialist rather than a generalist

Now you are in the frame of mind and just to get you to go a bit deeper and know your  niche better than they know themselves here is one last task.    Ask what problems does your ideal client have, what are they doing at the moment perhaps that is not actually working.  Get to know their pains and problems and the hell they are in and then  you can show them the heaven you take them to.  Becoming an expert in a particular solution opens doors for you and you can go deeper and broader as you go.  But to open the door the more specific you can be on the outcome the more they will relate and the more they can believe you can achieve it for them.

Work on your pitch and boost your lead generation

So if you are not generating leads and not getting the traction you want with your market take the time to wind it back to get really clear on what you are saying to your world, who you serve and what  value you bring. 

Consider what you stand for and what you stand against.  What is happening in your industry that you don’t like, what should clients not have to put up with. How do people refer you, value the work that you do, really look at your feedback.

So there you go the power of taking the time to create your elevator pitch and the deep thinking it takes you to so it gets you to work on your business too!  If you have not revisited your message and who you are trying to speak to for some time, doing it to create an elevator pitch is time really well spent and look at all the extra work you will get done too.

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