The importance of consistency in your marketing

Why consistency is so important in lead generation

I could write something the size of  war and peace on the importance of consistency in your work when building lead generation systems .  Consistency and commitment is so important for your long term lead generating success.

I hear all the time that “telemarketing” doesn’t work and when I ask what they did I find more often than not that they did a random phone campaign and then went back into hiding behind their computer screen and never “outreached” again.  It takes time and multiple touches to go from stranger to familiar.

10 reasons why the quitters to consistency need to think again

This is what I have got to say to the quitters out there:

  1. Everything takes time to work consistently eg,  I have just converted a lead who showed up to a webinar I did for a mentor of mine to his large network 18 months ago.  This contact has just reached out to me in October having  followed me on email (he is part of  my email tribe) and LinkedIn for over 18 months without ever putting his hand up, engaging – no action whatsoever.
  2. Showing up consistently builds authority and know like and trust – it lets people get to know you.  
  3. How are you bringing new eyes on to your work
  4. People need to know that you are there for the long game and stick around so ultimately they know where you are when they are ready to buy.  Repeatedly outreaching and showing up does that.
  5. Look wider that the direct effort and reward for the work that you won or enquiries you have had.  High visibility has ripples and will have a positive effect on other areas of your business.
  6. It’s a pain and takes, thought and effort to be effectively proactive and put aside time to create lead generation activities.  If you haven’t got the time outsource it, lead generation, cold outreach is perfectly suited to outsourcing.
  7. To enjoy inbound you have to sweat the outbound
  8. The outcomes of inbound leads, appointments with qualified leads is a great feeling.  

What to do if quitting is your problem

If you need any more reason why consistency is a commitment there are possibly 2 things at a play:

  1. you are definitely not our ideal client or
  2. we need to have a chat so you can outsource ythe lead generation work your business needs.

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