What are telemarketing calls?

What are telemarketing calls

From lead generation to re-engagement, qualification and follow-up, telemarketing is the best value human interaction you can use to bridge the gap between marketing and sales.   It is the perfect opportunity to find out what your prospects want from you.  Carefully planned in line with the sales approach and executed by professionals it gives you all you need  to qualify and nurture your leads.

Strive for effectiveness before efficiency.  Sweat the outbound to really learn about your market and then automate, too many people automating on assumptions without ever really talking to their market.

The value in telemarketing calls

Your sales journey and the touchpoints you identify will dictate the best place for using this valuable and unique ingredient.   What do you need answers to?

  • Confirmation of client fit (talking to the right organisation and the right person in that organisation),
  • Engagement at the right level for where they are at and knowledge of their reservations and objections to what you are offering (or even your industry,business in general) is just gold for the sales approach.
  • What is their intent right now in relation to what you offer, how ready to buy are they (from cold to hot). Have questions ready to qualify if their offer is of value to them now.
  • LISTEN to their feedback, reservations to find the great conversation opener.
  • Consider and plan out the main reservation points so you can use the objections raised as a conversation starter – how amazing for sales that you can start to deal with reservations at every stage.  
  • Look for gaps in their knowledge, buying and the market to then plug it and use it as your place of differentiation.
  • The chance to introduce what will happen next so they expect and maybe even look for your emails follow ups and forthcoming actions and communications.

Whenever we buy we purchase with our emotions first and then rationalise it with logic, we don’t buy with our wallet first.   At the first level we are  either buying more time or more money so we need to get deeper on this to get any traction.  We need to be finding those drivers so that we can get into the details.  Take a look at my blog here https://yourleadgeneration.co.uk/why-do-people-buy-from-you/.

If you don’t ask you will never know.  Most businesses are not asking but instead  cling to the belief that either they already know what the prospects want or that their prospects don’t know what they want.  Telemarketing gives you a way of asking people about their problems, challenges and stresses and I have found the answers we get for our clients are always  useful.

Key benefits to maximise in your telemarketing calls:

The opportunity to  create a personal touch – so make sure you are using the right personnel to create the right impression and support your brand awareness and quality.

Flexibility, with the right information, training and language skills telemarketers can find out for you where your prospects are at, their reservations to your service, industry, products and be able to deal with them. Knowing your prospects reservations is the key to

Intelligence gathering, so if your initial goal is not fulfilled for whatever reason well briefed telemarketers will gather useful information for you from

Agile – telemarketing is such an agile tool it can be slotted in at any stage of your sales process and with a team you work with repeatedly they can quickly move from project to project.

Consistency – for a consistent sales funnel you need to commit to regular consistent lead generation work – have a plan around your activity and keep doing it. read more here –  https://yourleadgeneration.co.uk/the-importance-of-consistency-in-your-marketing/

Still need convincing how telemarketing can work for you to generate quality leads and create recurring monthy leads in your pipeline – give me a call!

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