3 questions to move you to B2B lead generation action

3  questions to get you into B2B lead generation

Feeling stuck and cannnot see the way to go.  Lets have a  really good look at where you are at right now and if you really are doing all you can to generate leads.

I have 3 key questions for you right now:

  1. Are you generating leads?
  2. What is your follow up?
  3. How are you showing up to your market?

Grab a cuppa, and give yourself 10 minutes a  question – they might just nudge you in the right direction. 

I don’t know everything but what I know for sure is that you need to consistently generate leads to convert to sales otherwise you won’t have a business.   

So over the next 3o minutes lets see if we can find you a way through to improve your lead gen.

Are you generating leads?

Leads are not views and likes on your social media.  Leads are people who could potentially buy what you sell, are interested in what you do and want to know more and you have them on your database to nurture.

  1. How many new leads have you generated in the past  week? 
  2. How much cold outreach have you done in the past week to bring leads in to the business
  3. What nurture have you given your database:
    1. Picking up the phone – how  many cold calls has your business made?
    2. Writing a direct email – how many emails, how many were delivered, opened, clicked on?
    3. Have you sent out anything via the post to generate interest? What was the response?
    4. Do you run any PPC campaigns to directly reach out to people looking for your solutions?  How many leads? Are they the right leads? Do they convert?
    5. How many referrals have you had from customers, networking partners, colleagues etc.
    6. Do you buy in leads – are they converting, what is the ROI?

You cannot make sales if you don’t have leads to convert.

What is your follow up?

How do you nurture those lovely leads that you have worked so hard to connect with and who want to hear from you? What is the journey  you take those people on?

  1. What value do you give them for  being in your world? Can you offer something that helps them right now – a download, ebook,  demo or training to introduce them to  part of your solution.
  2. How are you educating them to buy what you are selling.
  3. What questions are you asking to find out more about them and their needs and problems to start those conversations that build relationships.  This is the start of segmenting your audience so you can start really personalising your communication.  
  4. What email nurture do you have in place to  help them get to know you.   When people have agreed to be in your world (given you their email) they expect to hear from you.
  5. How do you entertain, educate, tell them about what you do.  Make the most of all the reasons that you have to get in touch with them.
  6. How do you generate some enthusiasm and energy around what you do so people are excited to hear from you.
  7. Do you just show them the shop door (or button or web address) and hope they find what they are looking for  How can you get curious and start a conversation to  find where they are at so that you know what they are looking to buy and can help  direct them to your solutions.
  8. How many times do you touch them?

Over 90% of the people who visit your world are not ready to buy right now but they are interested in what you do for a possible future purchase so nurture is vital.

How are you performing in the market segments you are trying to serve?

  1. How does your offer stack up against the competition – take a look at this from 2 angles (1) the actual product/service and (2) the narrative.
  2. Do you need to make a tweak/addition something that you can add to make your offer super amazing and the No1 offer out there.
  3. Do you need to up the narrative and get really clear in your messaging on how your offer is superior and highlight those unique benefits.
  4. Are you assuming that people know more than they do   Go back to basics layout all the benefits – even the obvious and see how many you are actually communicating.
  5. Are you really clear about who you serve and the value you bring to that segment.
  6. Have you got a clear headline/elevator pitch that explains what you do and why it is relevant to the segment of the market you are talking too.
  7. Are you being too general and are missing the opportunity to appeal to a much narrower segment of the market.
  8. Do you need to start niching down and targeting a narrower target market.
  9. What is the buying journey you take them on – is it relevant to them and the solutions you offer.

If this last bit felt tricky and challenging – you might want to do more work on getting clear on your USPs – check out this worksheet https://drive.google.com/file/d/16a8fQmS8iuW9LrHeHSn3xHw-83LHbARy/view?usp=sharing

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How did that feel?  I would love to hear from you; your queries, lightbulbs and honest reflection  on where you are at with generating leads.  

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