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How do you call in help to start consistently generating leads

We all know the equation of Be + Do = Have but how do we get that working for you in your business everyday.  How would it feel to have a  temporary lead generation expert to get you talking to your  target market,   build a system to generate leads and get you visible to your world so they know where you are when they need to buy?

Am I the right lead generation help for your business

That is your call! However I am guessing as you are this far into this blog you have seen some of my social media work and posts so think I might be the help for you.  

As a guide if you identify with any of  the following then I know my work can definately benefit your business right now:

  • Inconsistent leads
  • No  consistent outreach or lead generation.
  • No clearly communicated USPs
  • No on-going nurturing of prospects
  • Inconsistent or ineffective enquiry follow up
  • Invisibility – do you feel like the worlds best kept secret?


If you want to feel that your business is:

  • Visible and alive within its market(s). 
  • Positioned as the authority and go to expert for your market
  • Clearly differentiated from the competition
  • Reaching out and  building the know like and trust
  • Building and nurturing  a database of prospects
  • Generating leads to convert to sales
  • A great content base to educate and help your prospect buy

 Our 12 week “done for you” programme will deliver the results you need and are looking for.

How do we get your world in order?

We  will work directly with you to create a strategic lead generation focus that works for your business.  We will get you clear on what you stand for, who you serve, the value you bring and start to tell your world all about you.  Whether it is working with you as the business owner or working with your team members to get great lead generation systems in place, our 12 week programme will get your world in order.

The outcome will be the solid foundations of a lead generation process to generate leads that convert to sales.  In the 3 months with Laura as your plug in lead generation expert you will benefit from a refocus and review that we will put through your web, social media and direct marketing world to find the best lead generation process for your business to grow.

Creating a Strategic Position and Framework 

First we will find your remarkable and create your lead generation framework, once we are clear on this everything else flows.   I will walk you through the following:

  • Clarity on what you stand for, who you serve and the value you bring.
  • Differentiation as we identify and craft the remarkable approach of your business, your “way of doing things”. 
  • Define your position and what you are to your world.  If necessary we can develop the core packages/services  based on this remarkable, differentiated approach
  • Plan the unique Lead Generation Funnel and  journey of steps, education and  action prospects need to be taken through from initial curiosity of your business  to closing sales.

Getting into lead generation action

From having clarity in these  4 key areas we will then start reaching out and connecting with your market using the phone, email and social as well as networking and events as appropriate. 

We will identify the most appropriate tools and tactics and how they can start working for you.  

As a guide common areas we cover:

  • Identify where the target markets are and start to get active where they are.  We will build connections and the vital know like and trust as we connect and engage with your prospects.
  • LinkedIn is the main B2B social media platform so the first stop would be a strategic profile review to craft the right elevator pitch and headline, summary and banner. We can assess other social media platforms in a similar way.
  • Assess and review your website in line with identified target market, products/services on offer and SEO goals to create a suitable web strategy.   
  • With regards to direct marketing I am referring to email marketing, direct mail and telemarketing. Work covered on  the 12 week programme could include:
  • Setting up an email platform and automations, 2 common first sequences are  building one around  a lead magnet and a  second one being a welcome email sequence.
  • Test and measure organic and/or automated connecting and messaging on Linked In.
  • Test and measure telemarketing.
  • Assess suitable opportunities for further paid for advertising/SEO work to support the lead generation work.

By the conclusion of the 3 month programme you will have the foundations of a lead generation process and have converted leads in your business. You will have clarity on what you stand for, who you serve and the value you bring.  You will have positioned your business as the go to expert and a company your prospects turn to  when they are ready to buy.

The investment is £4500  for the 3 month programme, payable in one lump  sum or 3 monthly installments of £1500.

Interested in getting my lead generation help?


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I look forward to working with you.

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