Crafting Your Unique Approach

Crafting your Unique Approach is the vehicle to get you to the value platform and away from competing on price. 

 Here are the 4 steps to a great unique approach.

1          Stop competing on price by crafting your unique approach

The reason that people will buy your offering is by showing the value to them. If you want them to pay what your price you have to show the value they are getting for the price you are charging.  

If you are comparable to your competitors then you are making the decision a price driven one – who wants to  pay more for the same thing?

2          Finding your difference 

If you define yourself by the tasks you undertake or the industry you are in then you remain totally comparable with all your competitors.  This puts you in a price driven circus.  Unless you want to be the cheapest then avoid being comparable.

One of the things I work on with my clients is their “unique approach” as it takes them down the journey of establishing their difference, USPs, remarkableness.    The purpose is to get them as far away from their competitors as possible.

Finding your remarkable is all about defining what you stand for, who you serve and the value you bring.  This stands you apart from your competitors and you get to talk from your value platform which is right where you want to be. 

Your unique approach is such a great thing to cultivate and pull together, it shows how you do things and explains what makes your businesss what it is.  

Here are some ideas of topics and angles to get you started:

  • Manufacturing methods,
  • Your procurement and/or sourcing of products and raw materials,
  • Response times,
  • How you deal with their enquiry,
  • Your unique experience and qualifications,
  • Did you invent the solution, product, unique method, manufacturing process, 
  • The story about how you came to do what you do and how they benefit from that,
  • What do you stand for,
  • What do you stand against – what frustrates you about your industry, does your solution overcome these frustrations.  Not all frustrations can be overcome b utat least by identifying it you can show your understanding and have empathy with the prospect.
  • Is it a unique way that they can buy from you that makes it easier/more accessible – eg subscription rather than purchase up front.

3          Nailing your niche

Cultivating your unique approach is a great fit with building your niche which is a key aspect of my own approach to my clients work.

The growth marketing approach  I work to is very much based on  finding all the difference and remarkable.

From there you start communicating that from the point of view of your prospect in  bite size pieces so you stand out and move further and further above the competition.  I am passionate about niches and you can read more about why in a previous blog here  (

So in a nutshell your unique approach communicates and explain your superpower and why they need you in their life.   

Breaking down what you do and brainstorming all the benefits is really powerful, its good to state the obvious and obscure, there are a lot of missed opportunities from simple misuderstandings and not putting things into the right perspective. 

And one final thing

4          Be relevant

In your content and conversations talk about your unique approach from the prospects point of view. Absolutely no chest beating allowed and shouting about how great you are to nobody inparticular! It has to be relevant to what your prospects are looking to buy – otherwise why would they care? 

It is not easy to do this work, for many businesses it is a total pivot to create a prospect centred focus. As a starter think what is your prospect  looking to buy (rather than what you are trying to sell) which at least gets you facing each other.   Your prospects buy what people buy, not what you sell.

Who am I?

Referrals are not enough, you need to build your own lead generation processes in your business too   Identifying and recognising your unique approach is the path to creating a lead generation process in your business.   

I set up my business Your Lead Generation to be the plug business development I looking for over the 20 years when I was building and running our family business. 


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